Our Core Objectives:

(a) To Promote and Pursue the Improvement of Quality of Life of Rural Communities especially remote and hard to reach communities

(b) To Promote Integrity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Crusade in the Society

(c) To Seek and Promote Peace, Unity and Tranquility in the Society

(d) To promote good image, peace and unity among its members.

(e) To Seek and Promote Healthy Environment and Healthy People

(f) Contribute to National HIV/AIDS Respond through HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Services

(g) To Promote Networking and Collaboration among Community Base Organizations and other Service Providers

(h) To Seek and Promote Women, Youths Empowerment and Care and Support for Less Privilege ones

(i) To Promote Democracy and Good Governance at Grassroots, Initiate Behavior Change