Our Vision: DIG  Foundation envisions  Peaceful and Democratic Nigerian Society with Healthy Environment and Healthy People, Free from Inequality and Corruption. 

Our Mission: To Promote Peace and Democracy and  Integrate Remote & Hard to Reach Communities with Development, Prevent Inequality and Corruption in Nigerian society. 

Our Motto: DIG.. Committed to Integrity and Community Development

Core Values: Integrity, Inclusiveness, Accountability, Transparency, Respect to human rights, Obedience to Authorities and Rule of Law.

Thematic Area of Focus:

1. Environment:

General Environmental Education, Protection, Sanitation

2. Health: 

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Hygiene/Sanitation Promotion, Malaria & Tuberculosis Prevention , Behavior Change Intervention

3. Democracy and Good Governance 

Budget Monitoring, Civic Education, Anti- Corruption and transparency, Gender

Youth/Women Participation/Gender Issues, Election Monitoring/Observation/Voters Education

4. Economic Empowerment: 

Vocational Skill Training, Recycle Loan, Training/Capacity Building

Rural Enterprises, Peasant Farmers Support, Food Security,

5. Education: 

Formal and Informal Education, Promotion of Integrity in Education Sector, Girl Child Education

6. Peace, Gender/Human Rights.

 Conflict Prevention, Community Peace Building, Human Rights Education

Leadership Development, Child Rights Promotion, Gender Base Violence/ Gender Equality, Child Trafficking

Major Target Group: Youths, Women, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Widows, Disable in Remote and Hard to Reach Communities.